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The Confidence Forum u disk pe production tool is a very practical u disk boot disk production and u disk installation tool produced by the faith forum. Provides NT5, NT5 expansion, NT6, GRUB4DOS four kinds of boot device boot USB boot system, can support OSGHOST a key backup restore, proud Mei partition assistant, file decompression 7-zip, file recovery FinalData, boot sector maintenance tool BOOTICE And other application tools, guide users to quickly complete the u disk boot disk production and installation, a friend in need may wish to download experience.

1, easy to carry, ready to shoot.

2, no optical drive CD, without conditions.

3, easy to update, there is a new system and new software can be put into the U disk at any time. 1, OSGHOST a key backup and restore.

2, XP, WIN7 and other system installation assistant.

3, Ziguang Pinyin input method.

4, screenshot tool SnapShot.

5, partitioning tool DiskGenius.

6, proud Mei partition assistant.

7, IMDISK virtual disk.

8, floppy disk UltraISO.

9, mini virtual drive VDM.

10, file recovery FinalData.

11, WIMTOOL image processing tools.

12. Unzip the file 7-zip.

13, Norton clone GHOST11.

14, GHO image browser GHOSTEXP.

15, WINDOWS boot repair.

16, boot sector maintenance tool BOOTICE.

17, rapid copy delete tool FASTCOPY.

20, hardware testing tool Aida64 1, making U disk boot disk

1u disk first production requires the HDD format, according to the need to choose whether to format (if u disk is already HDD mode, you can skip this step; mobile hard disk itself is the HDD mode, do not need to be formatted; formatting will clear All data, please operate with caution.)

2 Enter the Format window and select the usb device, file system, and volume label (or click 'Write File' to skip this step).

3 In the Select Disk window, the pe file will be written to the user's removable disk. Please select the disk to be written.

4 In the Activate Partition window, select to activate the usb disk primary partition or do not perform partition activation.

5 Into the boot mode window, set the boot mode of the system in the usb device (for beginners, it is recommended that you choose the Microsoft NT5 mode, the theoretical compatibility is better).

6 Begin writing the file, waiting for the completion of the write (if you change the MBR to kill soft interception or Disk Error, turn off the software and then re-production).

2, use U disk installed

1 Preparation

Can start U disk, system (GHO or ISO can be).

2 start

Insert the U disk to boot, according to the prompts press a key to bring up the boot menu, usually ESC or F12, select the USB device can start from the U disk.

3 installed

After entering the PE system, decompress or VDM loads the ISO to be installed, run the main menu inside, usually autorun or setup, put the system on the hard disk, and unplug the U disk to restart. Confidence Forum u disk pe making tools 3.0 update:

1, rewrite the formatting module, the production process is more simplified, more efficient and faster.

2, update some PE software to the latest version, such as AIDA64, DG partition, OSGHOST backup and restore.

3. Change the default boot mode to G4D to solve the problem that some Thinkpad notebooks cannot boot.

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